Make Your Morning Coffee Even More Divine

Healthy Ways to Derive More Pleasure and Health from This Daily Ritual for Millions of People.


Bee Max Healthy

5/21/20232 min read

Is your morning routine incomplete without a steaming cup of coffee? You’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide depend on coffee to energize their day and keep them focused. Although coffee has its fair share of benefits, adding a few healthy elements to it may do wonders for your body. From plant-based milk to superfoods, there are various ways to elevate your daily brew. Here are five ways to make your morning coffee more healthy.

1. Swap regular milk for plant-based alternatives

You don’t have to depend on cow’s milk to add a creamy touch to your coffee. Try alternatives like coconut milk or almond milk, which are low in saturated fats, providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Plant-based milk can also be more digestive-friendly, leaving you feeling less bloated and sluggish. Here in the Bee Max Healthy break room, we love oat milk! You can get store-bought oat milk, but it's easy (and cheaper) to make, check out this quick and easy (we love quick and easy AND healthy) RECIPE that we use.

2. Incorporate superfoods

Superfoods, such as cinnamon, turmeric, and matcha, mushrooms, come with a range of benefits for your body. You can add cinnamon to your coffee, which may help regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent any spikes throughout the day. Turmeric is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, decreasing the risk of disease and improving overall health. Matcha, the finely-ground green tea, can give you an energy boost without the crash, helping you stay focused and alert throughout the day. BMH cannot recommend this Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir enough! It doesn't add a taste, but adds a super-duper food to your coffee. BMH puts 1/2 a packet per cup.

3. Use natural sweeteners

The temptation to add sugar to your coffee can be overwhelming. However, processed sugars can cause damage in your body over time. Try incorporating natural sweeteners like honey (buy local honey for an additional boost to your immune system) dates, or stevia instead. These options are full of minerals and antioxidants, which can benefit your body's overall health. You know what else is delicious? Make you morning Joe, a mocha by adding a high-quality cacao powder (anti-oxidant) to your mug!

4. Avoid artificial creamers

Commercial creamers are full of chemicals and additives that may harm your body. Try adding ingredients like organic coconut oil,(BMH) nut butter, or ghee for added creaminess and healthful fats. These healthy fats can help you feel full and satisfied, providing your body with sustained energy throughout the day. (Use your own oat milk, as well).

5. Choose organic coffee

Organic coffee is produced without any harmful chemicals or pesticides, providing your body with a cleaner brew. By selecting organic coffee, you're not only supporting sustainable farming practices but also reducing your exposure to harmful toxins. Here at BMH, our absolute MUST HAVE for our morning coffee is Four Sigmatic: an organic blend that infuses their delicious products with the MEGA-SUPER-FOOD, mushrooms.

Coffee is a staple in many households worldwide. Although it may provide a range of benefits, incorporating a few healthy elements to your daily brew can enhance those benefits tenfold. Whether it's swapping regular milk for plant-based alternatives, incorporating superfoods, using natural sweeteners, avoiding artificial creamers, or choosing organic coffee, there are plenty of ways to make your morning coffee more healthy. So the next time you reach for your cup, consider adding one of these healthier options – your body will thank you!

As always, Bee Max Healthy encourages you to consult with your trusted health care provider before embarking on a new diet, supplements, or increased physical activity.